Curenetics is a growing company using AI to improve cancer outcomes. Immunotherapy treatment has improved cancer survival, but it is expensive, ineffective in many patients, and can cause toxicity. Current predictive biomarkers are unreliable resulting in only 15-20% of patients achieving durable results. This means many patients currently undergo ineffective, potentially toxic treatment at a high cost. We have built an Al-powered platform which draws on insights from multi-modal genomic, imaging and clinico-demographic data to more accurately predict patient response to immunotherapy. We have been able to predict immunotherapy response with 80% accuracy, a 60% increase on current predictive methods.  


This technology supports physicians & lab scientists by providing personalised immunotherapy treatment plans, saving crucial time spent on ineffective treatment. Led by a team of oncologists, data scientists, immunologists & cancer biologists, Curenetics is revolutionising immunotherapy treatment bringing us one step closer to achieving cancer survival targets.