concarlo therapeutics


Concarlo Therapeutics, a preclinical stage biotechnology company, is pioneering a way to inhibit the three highest value targets in oncology, CDK4/6 and CDK2... creating the elusive triple CDK2/4/6 inhibitor. Our transformative pan-cancer approach will finally create medicines to combat drug resistance, which results in >1.5M cancer deaths worldwide annually. Others are trying to drug CDK2 as a monotherapy, but studies have shown that the triad, CDK2/4/6, must be drugged simultaneously to stop tumor growth.

Despite many important advances in precision oncology, drug resistance remains one of the major reasons for more than 600,000 cancer deaths in America each year. For example, while Herceptin will target Her2+ cancers, those tumors can become resistant by acquiring downstream mutations, bypassing the therapeutic block.

To address this unmet need, Concarlo Therapeutics is developing therapies to inhibit the protein p27, the natural inhibitor of CDK4/CDK6 and CDK2, which are highly validated targets with already-marketed products that account for over $19B in global annual sales. The concept of targeting p27 has been supported by numerous publications and the Company is harnessing decades of research to target a unique cellular pathway to kill – not just stop – tumor cell growth. Concarlo's approach will enable it to develop new treatments for a wide range of advanced and drug-resistant cancers, including metastatic breast cancer..