Bound Therapeutics


Bound Therapeutics advances drug development from peptide-RNA technology into clinical applications. Traditional cancer treatments indiscriminately affect both normal and cancerous cells, leading to significant toxicity in patients. At Bound Therapeutics, we have devised a drug delivery system that ensures the safety and efficacy of cancer treatments. This system precisely directs drug cargoes exclusively into cancer cells while bypassing healthy cells. This approach ultimately extends patients’ lifespan and enhances their quality of life.

Our core team is highly multidisciplinary, encompassing skilled professionals across various domains. Our team members are accomplished scientists with expertise in organic chemistry, molecular biology, pharmacology, biostatistics, molecular dynamics, and artificial intelligence. We have a dedicated group of legal counsels proficient in business strategy and intellectual property matters. Our scientific advisors and clinicians contribute valuable insights, with expertise spanning both preclinical and clinical oncology. We have fostered strong partnerships with reputable chemical and pre-clinical Contract Research Organizations (CROs). These partnerships provide us with the necessary resources to propel our drugs towards the clinical phase.