Ayur Inc


Ayur is a biologics startup found by Nate Ramanathan, a serial entrepreneur and Rajan Garg a board-certified physician. Ayur is deeply committed to revolutionizing the biosimilar sector, with an emphasis on making critical treatments more accessible and cost-effective for patients worldwide. Our primary focus is on the development and production of high-value oncology monoclonal antibodies, which are in great demand due to their pivotal role in cancer treatment. We are constructing a state-of-the-art biologics manufacturing facility in India, under our subsidiary, Omexa Formulary Private Limited. This strategic location is not only chosen for its logistical advantages but also for its proximity to a rich pool of top-tier talent, enabling us to leverage the best minds in the field. Spanning 7.5 acres, our facility will be equipped with the latest single-use reactor technology, specifically designed to optimize the production of oncology mAbs. We target to commence pilot production by 2026, with an unwavering commitment to safety, efficacy, and affordability. Our competitive advantage lies in our streamlined production processes, which significantly reduce costs and accelerate the time-to-market for our biosimilars. We are not just advancing healthcare but also facilitating broader access to essential treatments, thereby contributing to a healthier future for all.