Aila Biotech


Aila Biotech ( is a spin-off company founded on a technology platform that allows immune-modulating biologics to be produced at sites of inflammation within the brain. This cutting-edge research published in Nature Immunology 2022, focuses on a patented technology platform for producing immune-modulating biologics directly at brain inflammation sites. Our flagship product uses this technology to express the anti-inflammatory cytokine interleukin 2 in the brain, under the control of a small molecule inducer, and prevent inflammatory cognitive decline that occurs in multiple sclerosis or traumatic brain injury, among other neuroinflammatory indications. Aila Biotech is incorporated and has an option on the patent portfolio. We are currently fund-raising for the initial £4M Seed investment enabling us to validate the humanised delivery system, pursue the flagship product through to toxicology and generate proof-of-concept validation of alternative high-potential biologics for neuroinflammatory conditions. Lead researchers Dr James Dooley and Prof Adrian Liston FMedSci FRSB will enter the company as founders. Aila Biotech’s approach to neuroinflammatory drug delivery is a conceptual shift, overcoming both issues of the blood-brain barrier and of off-target peripheral effects, giving it the potential to lead on a new class of highly efficacious drugs for unmet medical needs.