The Festival of Biologics will run from 2 to 4 November when, we hope, the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic will have passed, for the most part, and life will be returning back to normal.  
In the meantime, with the power of technology, we are delighted to bring you a series of webinars from from esteemed speakers in the biologics industry.  



Dr.Jianxin Duan, schrodinger


Accurate in silico prediction of protein thermostability with free energy perturbation

  1. The ability to predict protein thermostability is valuable in designing therapeutics and industrial proteins
  2. A new free energy perturbation (FEP) method allows prediction of mutations to all 20 natural amino acids, including proline, for the first time
  3. The mean unsigned error of the FEP predictions was 0.86 kcal/mol and 88% of the stabilizing variants were correctly identified

Dr Jianxin Duan, Fellow,  Schrodinger

18th June




Eric Halioua - Webinars - PPMA 2020

New class of Ag-specific cancer active immunotherapies based on an off-the-shelf antigen presenting cell line (PDC*line)

  1. PDC*line is a new potent and scalable therapeutic cancer vaccines based on a proprietary allogeneic cell line of Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells
  2. PDC*line is much more potent to prime and boost antitumor antigen, including neoantigens, specific cytotoxic T-cells than conventional vaccines and improves the response to checkpoint inhibitors
  3. The technology can be applied for any cancer
Eric Halioua, President & CEO, PDC*line Pharma
30th April

Theodore Roth, UCSF


Thursday 21st May - 4pm BST/11am EST/5pm CET

  1. Non-viral genome targeting is a new, simple method for targeted integration of new genetic information in primary human T cells
  2. Targeted replacement of the endogenous T cell receptor with a cancer antigen targeting TCR showed specific anti-tumor function in vitro and in vivo
  3. Pooled knock-in screening based on non-viral genome targeting enabled rapid discovery of synthetic DNA sequences that along with a new TCR specificity enhanced T cell function in vivo

Non-viral engineering of immune cell specificity and function

Theodore Roth, Senior Researcher,  UCSF





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