Poster Presentations

The Festival of Biologics USA 2020 is a vibrant place for knowledge exchange. And our Poster Zone is the perfect place to showcase your latest work and discuss it with hundreds of peers in attendance. Make sure you join our networking session on March 3 in the afternoon.
arizona state university
1. Virtual Elimination of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement of Infection and Neutralization of Zika and Dengue-2 Viruses by a Plant-Produced Bispecific Antibody
Authors: Adrian Esqueda, Qiang "Shawn" Chen
Arizona State University
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2. Bulk Separation of a Monoclonal Antibody by Aqueous Two-Phase Separation
Authors: Collin Jugler and Qiang "Shawn" Chen
Arizona State University
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3. Ultra-rapid, high resolution B cell screening enabled by the Berkeley Lights Beacon
Authors: Tracey Mullen; Colby Souders; Ryan Kelly; Garren Hilow; Haley Wagner; Angie Bemis; Radha Subburathinam; Jen walker; Travis LeGuyader; Justin Gabriel; Brendan Greamo; Justin Stolte; Rashed Abdullah; Kumar Dasuri; Ann Brousseau; Kaitlyn Teague; Chloe Emory; Eric Batitay
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4. Bridging Non-clinical Studies to Clinical Design Using a Quantitative Systems Pharmacology  Model of T Cell Engaging Bispecifics
Authors: Fei Hua, Lin Lin, David Hagen, Emily Pace, Alison Betts, Lucia Wille, John M. Burke, Joshua F. Apgar
Applied BioMath
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5. A semi-mechanistic platform model to capture individual animal responses to checkpoint inhibitors in a syngeneic mouse model
Authors: Alison Betts, Lin Lin, Carissa L Young, Jatin Narula, Wendy Qiao, Peter O’Brien, Derek Bartlett, Andrea Hooper, Jason Williams, John M. Burke, Joshua F. Apgar
Applied BioMath
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6. Semi-mechanistic PK and target-occupancy modeling to support dose justification for anti-PD-L1 clinical candidate CK-301 (cosibelimab) in oncology patients
Authors: Lin Lin, James Hilbert, Leonid Gorelik, Jian-Ping Tang, James Oliviero, John M. Burke, Joshua F. Apgar, Lore Gruenbaum
Applied BioMath
berkeley lights
7. Reaching the High-Hanging Fruit: Accessing broad B cell diversity to select better lead candidates in under 1 week
Authors: Anupam Singhan
Berkeley Lights Inc.
8. SMAB (single-domain antibody fused to monoclonal antibody) Bispecific Antibody: From Rational Design to Preclinical Development
Authors: Ben Xu and Ken Lee
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9. Robust Stable Line Platform Provides You with Best Solution For Drug Development
Authors: Sasidhar Murikinati, Ken Lee
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10. Cytosolic Delivery of Small Targeting Proteins using Cationic Lipids
Authors: Alexander Chan, Hejia (Henry) Wang, Andrew Tsourkas
University of Pennsylvania
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11. ONCR-177, an oncolytic HSV-1 designed to potently activate systemic anti-tumor immunity
Authors: Agnieszka Denslow, Brian B. Haines, Jacqueline Gursha, Daniel Wambua, Lingxin Kong, Melissa Hayes, Terry Farkaly, Peter Grzesik, Jennifer S. Lee, Edward M. Kennedy, Sonia Feau, Lorena Lerner, and Christophe Quéva
university of pennsylvania
12. Personalized T Cell Recruiting Autoantibodies for Treating Cancer
Authors: Fabiana Zappala, Andrew Tsourkas
University of Pennsylvania
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13. Accelerating the Discovery of Therapeutic Antibodies Using High Throughput SPR
Authors: Daniel Bedinger
university of massachussets
14. Synergistic structural information about stressed therapeutic antibodies from hydrogen deuterium exchange and covalent labeling mass spectrometry
Authors: Catherine Tremblay, Kong Limpikirati, Richard W. Vachet
University of Massachusetts Amherst    
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15. Slippery liquid-infused porous surfaces (SLIPS) for cell deformation enabling intracellular cargo delivery
Authors: Isaura Frost, Alexandra M. Mendoza, Tzu-Ting Chiou, Natcha Wattanatorn, Chuanzhen Zhao, Qing Yang,  Philseok Kim, Joanna Aizenberg, Satiro N. De Oliveira, Paul S. Weiss, & Steven J. Jonas
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16. CB307: A novel T-cell costimulatory Humabody® VH therapeutic for PSMA-positive tumors
Authors: James W. Legg, Sophie Archer, Phil Bland-Ward, Jenny Craigen, Carolyn Edwards, Emma Hames, Jay Majithiya, Pavel Pisa, Bhindu Revi, Nikki Royale, Angelica Sette, Yumin Teng, Lorraine Thompson, Wembin Wang, Chris Wilson, Chris Wyre, Brian McGuinness
Crescendo Biologics Ltd
university of pennsylvania
17. Personalized T Cell Recruiting Autoantibodies for Treating Cancer
Authors: Fabiana Zappala, Burcin Altun, Elizabeth Dempsey, Nicholas Minutolo, Andrew Tsourkas
University of Pennsylvania
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18. Antibody affinity maturation by steam technolgy and next-generation WIZAMP antibody discovery platform for mouse and rabbit mABS
Authors: CJ Okumura
Abwiz Bio Inc
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19. Rapid lectin-based glycan screening assays for clone screening and monitoring of product quality in upstream development
Authors: Sebastian Giehring*, Laura Limbach, Christine Wosnitza, Anna Johann
PAIA Biotech GmbH
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20. Supported lipid bilayer coated microfluidic device for capturing circulating tumor cells
Authors: Lisa M. Kawakami, Shan Zhang, Jason N. Belling, Joshua A. Jackman, Natcha Wattanatorn, Nam-Joon Cho, Paul S. Weiss, Steven J. Jonas
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21. Acoustofluidic Sonoporation Gene Delivery for Cancer Immunotherapy
Authors: Yao Gong
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22. Use of dispersive solid phase extraction on automated liquid handling platforms for high throughput protein purification
Authors: L. Andrew Lee, B. Todd Mullis, Patrick Kates, P. Nikki Sitasuwan, Pamela Quizon
University of South Carolina
promega corporation logo
23. Quantitative Cell-Based Bioassays to Advance Immunotherapy Programs Targeting Immune Checkpoint Receptors
Authors: Jamison Grailer, Julia Gilden, Pete Stecha, Steven Edenson, Denise Garvin, Jun Wang, Michael Beck, Jim Hartnett, Frank Fan, Mei Cong and Zhi-jie Jey Cheng
Promega Corporation
lectenz bio logo
24. GlycoSense™: A Rapid Method for Monitoring In Vitro Glycoengineering
Authors: Matthew J. Saunders, Robert J. Woods and Loretta Yang
Lectenz Bio
UCLA logo
25. Acoustofluidic Sonoporation Gene Delivery for Cancer Immunotherapy
Authors: Yao Gong

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