Uwe Gudat | Head of Safety, Biosimilars
Merck & Cie

Uwe Gudat, Head of Safety, Biosimilars, Merck & Cie

Uwe Gudat received his medical degree from the University of Marburg, Germany. He is licensed in internal medicine and diabetology as a sub-speciality, training under Michael Berger in Düsseldorf Germany. Uwe Gudat joined the pharmaceutical industry in 1995 with Eli Lilly and since then has held positions at Hesperion/Actelion, Novartis and Merck Serono.  In this time he has led global clinical development teams, served as global medical brand director, led clinical teams for in-licensing due-diligence and managed clinical-trial review, first in man transitions and product safety assessments. Currently he is Head of Safety of the Merck Serono Biosimilars Unit. He has published a number of scientific papers in the field of diabetes and is currently on the editorial advisory board of Applied Clinical Trials.


Biosimilars Day 1 - Tuesday 31st October 2017 @ 09:50

International stakeholders panel discussion: What does it take to get biosimilars moving in a country?

  • Consisting of industry panellists, physicians, pharmacists, patient advocacy groups, payers, regulators and health authorities, the 360° Perspective Panel allows the whole industry to come together to discuss and debate the sector’s most pertinent topics of the day.
  • With no guarantee that physicians will prescribe biosimilars interchangeably with reference products, what more does the industry need to do to encourage biosimilar uptake within healthcare?
  • What can we learn from gainsharing practices? Carrot & stick models, which works better?
  • How influential are payers in the speed in which biosimilars are taken up in healthcare systems?
  • How does the industry envisage overcoming the challenge that patient communities are generally unaware of this new, yet important, category of medicines?

Biosimilars Day 1 - Tuesday 31st October 2017 @ 14:50

Are biosimilars the new ‘EasyJet’ of biologics? A question of plurality, chance and market segmentation

  • Using low-cost airlines to explore the future of biosimilar commercialisation
  • Will this be a solely price driven, ‘cheapest wins’ approach for biosimilars?
  • Positioning and incentives with health authorities

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