Dr Nicolas Fischer | Head for Research
Novimmune Sa

Dr Nicolas Fischer, Head for Research, Novimmune Sa

Nicolas Fischer obtained a PhD in Biology from the Department of Molecular Biology University of Geneva on the structure and function of photosynthetic complexes. As a postdoctoral fellow he joined the Group of Sir Greg Winter at the MRC Department of Molecular Biology in Cambridge UK to study protein folding and Antibody engineering using phage display. In 2001 he joined Novimmune and led several therapeutic antibody discovery programs that have reached clinical development stage. He is now heading the Research Department and developing next generation bispecific therapeutic antibodies.


EAC 2017 Day 1, Tuesday 31st October 2017 @ 14:30

Bispecific antibodies mediate selective, safe and effective blockade of the immune checkpoint CD47

  • Using Novimmune’s κλ body platform, we have developed a series of bispecific antibodies with unbalanced affinities towards each target, that enable selective blockade of CD47 on tumor cells.
  • Co-engagement of a tumor associated antigen and CD47 leads to superior tumor cell killing by macrophage in vitro and in vivo, leading to significantly increased efficacy in several animal models and to modification of the tumor micro-environment.
  • For NI-1701, GMP manufacturing and preclinical package have been completed enabling entry into Phase I clinical trial for hematological malignancies.

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