Dr Alain Beck | Senior Director, NBEs Analytical Chemistry
Centre d'Immunologie Pierre Fabre

Dr Alain Beck, Senior Director, NBEs Analytical Chemistry, Centre d'Immunologie Pierre Fabre

Dr. Beck has contributed to the R&D of anticancer mAbs (dalotuzumab/IGF-1R with Merck, h224G11/cMet with Abbott, h515H7/CXCR4, h6F4/JAM-A), vaccines and peptides. He is inventor on 16 patents and author of more than 90 publications (editorials, features, research papers, invited reviews and meeting reports). He acts as associate editor of mAbs (www.landesbioscience.com) and as invited guest editor or contributor for special issues on mAbs (Nature Rev Immunol, Curr Pharm Biotech, Medecine/ Sciences, Analytical Chemistry, Exp Op Drug Discov and Meth Mol Biol). He has contributed to more than 140 scientific meetings as chairman, invited keynote speaker, panelist, moderator, advisor, and/or organizer. He is regularly interviewed on biosimilars, biobetters, next generation antibodies, antibody drug conjugates, bispecifics, Fc-fusion proteins and peptides and alternative protein scaffolds (New York Times, Nature Biotech, Nature Rev Drug Discovery, Analytical Chemistry, Chemistry World, LEEM magazine). He is also frequently invited to boards of experts by WHO, EMA, European Commission, funding agencies (Czech, Dutch, Ontario, New Zealand), French valorization agencies (ANR, INCa, INSERM, Oséo, Labex, LEEM) and bio-clusters (Alsace Biovalley, Cancer BioSante, CLARA, Genopole, LyonBiopole, Medicen).


EAC 2017 Day 1, Tuesday 31st October 2017 @ 09:00

Chair’s opening remarks

EAC 2017 Day 1, Tuesday 31st October 2017 @ 11:35

Plenary Roundtable Discussion Session

9 senior level tables hosted by thought leaders on key challenges and opportunities in antibody drug development. Participants are invited to join the group discussions on a topic of importance to them.

TABLE 1 Analytical and structural characterization of mAbs, biosimilars, ADCs, BsAbs, pAbs

EAC 2017 Day 1, Tuesday 31st October 2017 @ 14:10

Insights of multilevel state-of-the art analytical methods for antibody-based product structural assessment

  • Emerging 2D-LC-MS methods for mAbs and ADCs
  • Orthogonal chromatographic and electrophoretic methods hyphenated to Mass Spec
  • FDA/EMA approved mAbs and ADCs and 3G-ADCs case studies

EAC 2017 Day 1, Tuesday 31st October 2017 @ 17:10

Panel: Antibody nomenclature and INN strategies

  • Panel to discuss the current confusion surrounding antibody nomenclature
  • Why does the naming system have to be changed?
  • What problems are these causing in the clinic and the lab?
  • Suggestions on how this system can be improved

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