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Founded in 2021, Day 1 People is a professional services consultancy working at across Telecommunications in the 5G/6G, Space & Defence sectors. Working with clients, we specialise in the capture, winning and delivery of complex programmes. We do this through identifying the benefits and social value of an enterprise and realising improvements in efficiency and effectiveness of a programme or portfolio. We have collaboration at the core of our efforts, and we work with Primes and SMEs to support Procurement, Bid and In-Service Delivery.

Our dedicated 5G/6G team helps industry as well as local and regional governments provide better connectivity to the communities they serve. Working on the premise that no single technology delivers a complete solution, out technical directors work with customers to define their use cases and deliver a ‘Total’ solution based against them to realise the benefits that a greater connectivity reach can provide. These solutions are derived from the optimal mix of connectivity types to meet users’ needs.

Day 1 People works with UK and overseas clients to catalyse investment in the UK and to help get innovation into the market. We work closely with Department of Science Innovation and Technology Future Telecoms Team, the UK Space Agency and other Government bodies to advance Telecoms in the UK.

We also provide management of Social Value, P3M, Horizon Watch, Collaboration, Stakeholders and Benefits all with the aim of providing effective solutions to complex problems.

We work with Defence clients to provide information advantage for our Armed Forces to ensure timely decisions can be made to support personnel in the field.

Day 1 People is a rapidly growing company, working to advance the prosperity and social aims of the UK.




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