Andre Borusiak | Head of Vodafone Global Enterprise Germany

Andre Borusiak, Head of Vodafone Global Enterprise Germany, Vodafone

André Borusiak, Head of Vodafone Global Enterprise Germany

With 20 years of experience in the ITC industry, André has held various management positions within Siemens and Vodafone. He started his career in sales selling PBX systems. After several years in business development, communications, marketing and partner management he currently leads the sales teams that are responsible for Vodafones most precious Global Accounts headquartered in Germany.

With the Vodafone Enterprise Plenum he set up an exclusive customer board that consults Vodafone on customer experience and product innovation.

He is a big fan of agile work methods and is professional scrum master and professional product owner.

Andrés passion is to bring technology to life. This is achieved by helping customers drive innovations by making use of technologies like IoT and 5G. 

André holds a MBA degree of NIMBAS Graduate School of Management and Bradford University.


Connected Germany 2021 Day 2 @ 12:20

Collaborative ecosystems and partnerships for Industry 4.0

  • How can incumbents, altnets and enterprises better collaborate for mutual gain?
  • What does a collaborative ecosystem look like in practice?
  • Joint ventures: a new model for partnerships?
last published: 23/Nov/21 14:15 GMT
last published: 23/Nov/21 14:15 GMT

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