Jyoti Choudrie | Professor Of Information Systems
University of Hertfordshire

Jyoti Choudrie, Professor Of Information Systems, University of Hertfordshire

Professor Jyoti Choudrie is a Professor of Information Systems in University of Hertfordshire’s Hertfordshire Business School. She is affiliated with the Management, Leadership and Organisation (MLO) department. She co-leads the Managing Complex Change research unit and is known as the 'soft' Broadband and digital divide expert in both Brunel University and University of Hertfordshire, with expertise in the non-adopters and adopters, Human Computer Interaction research arenas. For this, use has been made of classic Information Systems area theories such as the Technology Acceptance Model and Unified Theory for the Use and Acceptance of Technology, as well as theory of Planned Behaviour that has led to doctoral completions in Broadband, Online Social Networks, the digital divide and Electronic Government. She completed her PhD on human aspects of Business Process Reengineering teams, so she has knowledge of process modelling. Due to her insights, she has links with businesses such as, Xerox, or Toshiba, and small to medium sized enterprises, Heales Medical as well as third sector organizations such as, Age (UK) Hertfordshire. 


•    Social aspects of Broadband
•    Non-adopters and adopters of new technologies 
•    Marginal groups acceptance of new technologies-for example, older adults, 
•    Digital Divide and new technologies-includes rural and urban, older and younger individuals behaviour and attitude to new technologies
•    Electronic Government and citizens research
•    Usability of new technologies such as, digital assistants (chatbots) within various members of the population
•    New technologies and social inclusion 
•    The diffusion of new technologies within communities and vicinities with an emphasis on e-government

Media experience

Jyoti has experience of being interviewed for a range of media including the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph, BBC Online Technology, Guardian Online, Science Daily, Science Centric, Computing, IT Week, British Computer Society, BBC Radio 4, BBC Three Counties, Heart radio, Jack FM, Heart Beat Radio and Herts Mercury FM. 


Connected Britain 2019 Day 2 @ 14:30

Achieving digital inclusion in a Connected Britain

  • Bridging the digital divide with education
  • Promoting the importance of digital skills
  • Strategies for offering improved digital skills training in the UK
  • Partnerships for delivering digital skills training: government, employers, schools and universities
last published: 17/Jun/19 08:55 GMT

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