Jonathan Sharrock | Chief Executive
Coast 2 Capital LEP

Jonathan Sharrock, Chief Executive, Coast 2 Capital LEP

Jonathan joined Coast to Capital as Chief Executive in January 2016.  He has significant experience of policy development and the leadership of major projects having worked for more than a decade at the interface between government and industry.  As Chief Executive of Coast to Capital, he is responsible for delivering the LEP's business plan to transform business and economic performance through the region's Growth Deal.

He joined Coast to Capital having spent the previous three years as a member of the senior management team developing the HS2 high speed rail project; he was previously responsible for overseeing Government transport interests for the 2012 Olympics.  In earlier roles, he gained significant experience working with the aviation industry, having been responsible for delivering the aviation security regime, developing UK airport capacity and completing the privatisation of air traffic control.


Connected Britain 2018 Day 2 @ 15:05

Delivering business transformation for SMEs and the charity sector

- Delivering connectivity for SMEs and VSCEs
- Addressing the barriers of digitising businesses
- Reaping the benefits of digitalisation
- Promoting digital skills for staff

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