Chris Goulden | Deputy Director, Policy and Research
Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Chris Goulden, Deputy Director, Policy and Research, Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Chris Goulden is Deputy Director of Policy and Research at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and a member of the Social Security Advisory Committee. He is a former social researcher at the Home Office and Cabinet Office. Chris has also been a cancer researcher in the NHS, a member of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills Policy Expert Group and a member of the Social Research Association Board. He has a MSc in social research methods from South Bank University.


Connected Britain 2018 Day 2 @ 14:05

Delivering a Connected Britain for all

- Achieving digital inclusion
- Bridging the divide and achieving community cohesion
- Promoting digital skills from school to retirement
- Addressing the key challenges; access, skills, motivation and trust

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