Zwayonline has been created to offer a “Third Way”. For hundreds of years the phrase “Third Way” has been used to describe an alternative between two hitherto dominant models, namely left-wing and right-wing political groups. It seems most appropriate to use it again in the IT arena to show an alternative to the SaaS apps smorgasbord and the ERP nightmare.  Digitising a whole business is like eating an elephant.  It cannot be done in one sitting. The only way to achieve results is in taking bites.  Previously, this has not been possible. Technology has not provided frameworks and platforms and databases with the ability to cost-effectively digitise one process at a time unless a totally bespoke development is used.  Now, using micro-services architecture and the latest Microsoft architectures Zway has created Zwayonline.  The Fastest and the Most Flexible Digital Process Management Platform in the World. Zwayonline enables any company to digitise processes using BOUM (Built Once Used Many times) entities. More detail about the Zway BOUM “special sauce” is available online.  The main benefit of this new approach is to enable 75% of requirements to be created at great speed, with minimal technical deployment. The other 25% can be personalised including specific processes, workflows, forms, and reports.  Zwayonline enables the production of a personalised “ERP” one process at a time.  One department at a time.  By using Zwayonline technology a company can fully digitise at less than half the price of conventional systems with less risk.





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