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Current State of GenAI, through mostly closed AI Provider Models, is creating a serious risk for society, people, and businesses, of promoting AI-echo chambers impacting all users. Both Professionals and General Public using AI Services are incentivised to stick to a single AI Service Provider for one or multiple tasks consecutively. This greatly reduces the chances of maximizing results as they may not get the best or differentiated-value answer to their prompt.

PromptBros is a state-of-the-art User-centric Platform that provides a unified AI Interaction Management System allowing Experimentation, Benchmarking, and advanced Gen-AI Agent building.

We have 2 Core Product Streams running parallel opportunities leveraging our modular and composable software:


– Firstly, the public web app that brings all these tools to the wider B2C market, which together with an AI-Marketplace it also providers the Discoverability, Collection, Monetisation, and Rating of AI-content in one single eco-system, connecting AI Creators from various professional industries with AI Consumers that are looking for readymade AI solutions via the PromptBros vibrant Community Marketplace.

– Secondly, the B2B GenAI Platform which provides teams with a cheap, ready-made solution to access all AI Model providers, integrate their APIs, and even a LLM-based Chat Bot Agent for bespoke websites, all using the state of the art GenAI APIs from all vendors.




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