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Crossflow Energy is a leading renewable energy technology specialist. We exploit the complimentary benefits of wind and solar renewable resources at Off Grid Telecom sites to reduce the use of fossil fuels, or bio-diesel, and their associated carbon emissions by up to 90% thereby reducing the Levelised cost of Energy (LCoE) by 20-40%. 

Building on extensive R&D, Crossflow deliver low maintenance, highly reliable and cost-effective, wind turbines. Combining our wind turbine with telecoms infrastructure in a single communication mast, Crossflow’s Eco-Tower provides a clean, integrated energy solution for the industry. The Crossflow turbine specifically addresses the industry’s concerns associated with wind power, including network interference, turbine performance, maintenance, reliability, and planning permission, whilst the Crossflow Hybrid Energy System seamlessly integrates energy generation from wind, solar, with back-up generation to create the industry’s most renewable energy solution. Our first deployments with Vodafone have been fully operational since February 2023 with no operational outages and extensive data validating turbine performance, even at low wind speeds. 

Eco-Tower solutions deliver higher NPVs compared to stand-alone generator solutions and comparable NPV’s to Solar Battery solutions when looked at as long term infrastructure investment. Eco-Towers provide significant mitigation against the risks of future energy price and carbon pricing volatility. In summary, we believe there is a compelling case for Eco-Tower investment at Off grid Telecom sites addressing the fundamental environmental, economic and infrastructure drivers of the telecoms sector. 




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