Taking a high level, strategic look at the investment and regulatory context for the deployment of next-generation networks in the UK, with a particular focus on fibre and 5G.

Focussing on the realities and challenges of building fibre and 5G networks in the UK. Key themes will include engineering strategies, rural connectivity, the technologies enabling network rollout, partnerships with local authorities and the property sector.

Exploring the tangible benefits of  connectivity for people. Connected Society will look at the  future of work, digital skills provision, digital  public  services, and strategies for promoting digital  inclusion.

Delving deeper into the development of smart places across the UK’s cities, towns, and rural communities. The focus is on identifying specific challenges and exploring how technology and digital infrastructure can address these issues.

From manufacturing to transport, from healthcare to utilities, next generation broadband technologies are creating new opportunities and enabling exciting new use cases. Connected Industries will bring together CSPs, technology providers, enterprises, and the public sector to explore how cross-sector partnerships and connectivity are driving innovation.

From SMEs through to large-scale enterprises, the demands of private and public sector enterprise customers are constantly evolving. Connected Enterprise will explore the evolution of the UK’s enterprise communications market, the technologies that are re-shaping B2B communications as well new products and services.

Innovative projects and trials are underway across the UK exploring how technology is helping local authorities address their key challenges with technology. Covering everything from mobility to housing, from healthcare to town planning, the Showcase Stage will give local authorities a chance to celebrate their successes and innovations as well as to learn from their peers.

Every business starts with an idea, and with investment an idea can go all the way. The Startup Britain stage gives startup the chance to pitch their idea to potential investors, partners, and customers.






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