Paul Narro | Public Policy Director
Tekwav LLC Internet Service Provider

Paul Narro, Public Policy Director, Tekwav LLC Internet Service Provider

Paul Narro has been involved in compliance and policy industries for over a decade. In his more recent roles, he has utilized his strong investigative and analytical skills to find innovative ways to support Tekwav’s mission in serving the underserved and unserved communities, becoming a subject matter expert on rural broadband advocacy, and how to further support communities. With a passion for customer satisfaction, business strategy and digital inclusion, Paul strives to find innovative ways to solve issues that create value for stakeholders long-term. He enjoys identifying and acting on opportunities to further connect anchor institutions, including the ISDs and libraries. He has been able to facilitate Public Private Partnerships for grant agreements between Tekwav and Texoma Council of Governments for the expansion of broadband. Paul also assisted in creating a non-profit focused on rural broadband advocacy, Connect2Educate, assisting legislators and policy makers to the under barriers and various possible solutions. While in his role at Cigna Health Care (CHC), Paul supported the defense of various litigations. He was accountable for keeping CHC in good regulatory standing with Department of Insurance (DOI) in multiple states, by establishing a rapport with multiple state agencies becoming a key liaison for them. Paul also earned multiple Cigna Champion awards during his time there.


Connected America 2023 - Day 2 @ 12:30

Blended Technology for Rural Connectivity

  • Achieving ubiquitous connectivity through a mix of technologies – I.e., FWA vs satellite vs fiber 
  • What is the most cost-effective blend of technologies? 
  • Balancing the interests of diverse stakeholders 

Connected America 2023 - Day 2 @ 14:30

Tribal Communities and Enhanced Connectivity

  • The role of community and tribal leaders and building trust and readiness for government initiatives 
  • How will operators and vendors balance need for new infrastructure and respect for Native land? 
  • Reaching geographically isolated communities
last published: 24/Mar/23 11:25 GMT

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