Donald Workman | Co Founder, Chairman of The Board and Chief Operating Officer
Rural Telecommunications of America (RTA)

Donald Workman, Co Founder, Chairman of The Board and Chief Operating Officer, Rural Telecommunications of America (RTA)

Donald Workman is the Chairman and Chief Operating Officer for Rural Telecommunications of America, Inc. (RTA), the home of the gigFAST NETWORK® serving subscribers in 22 states. He is RTA’s co-founder and spearheaded the vision to bring gigFAST INTERNET® to America’s rural communities. He leads the company’s day to day operations, network, sales and marketing, and corporate development.

Mr. Workman has a history of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Telecom and IT industry beginning in the early 1990’s. RTA is Mr. Workman’s third start-up. Prior start-ups were Zvolve Systems, which developed the first real-time traffic engineering solution for Telecom Data Networks and Qvantel USA, which brought to market the first all-in-one cloud based as a service Business Support System (BSS). Additionally, he has held numerous roles ranging from field engineer, sales, network engineer to executive management for such companies as IBM, Bay Networks, Lucent and Andersen Consulting. Mr. Workman is also a veteran and served 8 years in the USAF.

Recently, RTA was selected as one of the Top 101 Best Communications Infrastructure startups in Texas by Best Startup Texas and Mr. Workman received the TOP 20 COO’s in the Communications Infrastructure space by COO Boardroom Media.


Connected America 2023 - Day 2 @ 12:30

Blended Technology for Rural Connectivity

  • Achieving ubiquitous connectivity through a mix of technologies – I.e., FWA vs satellite vs fiber 
  • What is the most cost-effective blend of technologies? 
  • Balancing the interests of diverse stakeholders 
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