Ashish Jain | Founder and Chief Editor
Private LTE and 5G

Ashish Jain, Founder and Chief Editor, Private LTE and 5G

Ashish Jain, Co-founder, and KAIROS Pulse. Ashish Jain is the co-founder of, a publication that acts as the information gateway innovations related to Private Cellular Networks. He is also the CEO of KAIROS Pulse, a technology marketing and sales enablement company focused on networking technologies, IoT, Edge, and Cloud communications. Ashish has more than 20 years of experience in the fixed and wireless industry. He has successfully led growth strategies for complex telecom software, enterprise networking, and cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, generating over $100M in revenue. A technology and marketing enthusiast with the capability to align complex ideas into simple business values, Ashish is a thought leader and evangelist in private networks, 5G, fixed and wireless networks, Software-Defined Networking, IoT, AI, AR, and Cloud communication industry. He is a regular contributor to many leading publications and regularly speaks at leading industry events. Ashish is a host and producer of the “ALYNMENT” podcast that shares authentic and thought-provoking perspectives on tech2biz alignment challenges.


Connected America 2023 - Day 1 @ 11:30

Paving the Way for Smart Cities

  • What communications infrastructure is required for next-gen cities?
  • Regulatory challenges in creating digital cities
  • The impact of interplay between new technologies in a smart city

Connected America 2023 - Day 1 @ 14:30

IoT and The Data Age

  • How will the rise of IoT data impact the connectivity industry? Where and how will data be processed?
  • What is the impact of network choice (4G, 5G, NbIoT, LoRaWAN)?
  • Exploring the ways in which developments in cloud and network/comms technology drive IoT evolution (and vice versa)
last published: 24/Mar/23 11:25 GMT

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