Telaverge Communications, LLC.

Startup Plus

Telaverge is a leading telecommunications company Headquartered in Dallas, TX. It offers a unique platform that seamlessly integrates end-to-end automation and AI/ML-powered observability. Our mission is to deliver a masterfully designed platform tailored to the demanding requirements of Telcos and OEMs.

Our comprehensive platform fosters a carrier-focused ecosystem that enables operators to:
Deploy with Confidence
Our platform instills confidence by streamlining Telecom Test Automation and Infrastructure Deployment processes. From multi-vendor lab environments to production!
Observe Intelligently
Our Platform empowers operators with massively scalable intelligent observation capabilities to gain valuable real-time insights. From the edge to the core!
Optimize Operations
Our platform supports the optimization of telco operations, addressing new challenges posed by cloudification, microservices deployments, and open RAN technologies. Become future ready, from legacy to 4G, 5G 6G and beyond!

The comprehensive platform helps carriers realise the potential of 5G and beyond. It seamlessly integrates with existing 4G/LTE implementations, facilitating a smooth transition to 5G. Early deployment of this platform prevents vendors from encountering many of the challenges witnessed during the initial shift from 4G to 5G, ensuring a more efficient and trouble-free transition process.

At Telaverge, our vision is to lead the way in the telecommunications industry, driving innovation, solving challenges, and ultimately transforming Telco’s into agile, secure, and prosperous entities. 
Together, we build the future of connectivity from legacy to 4G, 5G, 6G and beyond!




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