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SecHard has become a company that is heard a lot about in the Information Security sector. The name SecHard, which takes its name from Security Hardening, has both given its name to the manufacturing company and has become the brand of the product.

SecHard Zero Trust Orchestrator takes the configurations of devices under CIS' own controls and configurations, all of which can be remediated automatically with our product. SecHard provides automated security hardening auditing, scoring and remediation for servers, clients, network devices, applications, databases, and more. 
The security level can be monitored with the detailed hardening score. In addition to the Security Hardening module, to provide a complete Zero Trust, it also includes many modules such as Privileged Access Manager (PAM), Asset Manager, Device Manager, Vulnerability Manager, Key Manager, Performance Monitoring, Risk Manager, Key Manager, TACACS+ and Syslog Server.

SecHard, simplifies complex processes with its integrated approach. Its cybersecurity process automation capabilities provide unmatched cyber resilience, significantly reduce cyber risks, and mitigate the talent shortage problem. In addition to providing time and cost advantages, it also alleviates the workload of your Information Security Experts. There is no other product like this in the global market which includes all these features on a single platform and is compatible with the Zero Trust Architecture.




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