Aer Wireless


Aer Wireless™ gives you truly unlimited data using ultra-fast wireless broadband solution available anywhere globally. This is accomplished by using our proprietary technology based on IEEE standard based 802.11n, 802.11ac, 802.11ad and 60 GHz frequencies. Our networks do not require the use of towers and is not affected by the impediments that adversely affects fixed-wireless solutions, like foliage. It’s a new technology that solves the vexing last-mile solution causing many in rural America to be unserved by the traditional carriers who use traditional technologies that are not suitable for low population densities. Aer’s networks are faster than any 4G mobile networks and in some instances 5G networks as well… with speeds of 1 Gbps symmetrically. Unlike 5G, this technology is available now and doesn’t require a new smartphone to use it, and is considerably less expensive to deploy and operate. As a matter of fact this technology can be used to deliver the backhaul solution that would reduce the cost of delivering 5G in some rural areas.

The unique and proprietary technology not only delivers broadband everywhere, but inherently provides the platform to deliver Smart City solutions by blanketing the deployed area with a Wi-Fi network layer that allows users to walk, run, ride and in some instances drive while staying connected to the ultra-fast network. Our solution is ideal for:
- IoT
- Intelligent transportation networks - Autonomous driving
- VCAS (Vehicular Collison Avoidance Systems)

Our networks elements can be rapidly deployed and enjoy the advantages of lower power consumption compared to traditional access points where Aer Wireless elements use 2-8 watts of power. This means that we can deploy networks where others are unable to do so due to AC power requirements by using small form factor solar panels supported by trickle-charge batteries.





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