JacobsWyper Architects


We are in the business of transformation. Together with our clients and partners, we envision spaces where people are freed to work more productively, make discoveries, and live healthier and more joyful lives.

We love what we do. And we work not just for the love of architecture and design, but to satisfy our calling to improve the quality of life in our communities, both today and in the sustainable future. Our process is collaborative by design. 

We value and develop long-term partnerships with clients across a broad range of industries and institutions. By leveraging the design intelligence of the group, and making connections across industries and disciplines, we see farther than any of us could alone. That’s how innovation happens.

We have a culture that values responsiveness, hard work, creative problem solving and design excellence, and a respect for the environment we inhabit. We are able and responsible designers and partners, creating environments that we need and use, supporting the life of our community.

We are rooted in the life sciences. Our pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device partners face constant pressure to succeed in a competitive and dynamic marketplace. We understand how important compliant, efficient, and productive research laboratories, manufacturing, and warehouse environments are to the industry. 

At JacobsWyper, our strategy to ensure our clients’ success is simple – we don’t have a "B-team." Our biotech and pharma practice combines comprehensive expertise with a design process that values flexible, collaborative design backed by extensive technical knowledge.


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