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Pangaea Data is a London, San Francisco and Hong Kong based provider of a novel unsupervised AI based product, PIES, which has been clinically proven to characterize hard to diagnose conditions and find more undiagnosed and miscoded patients with high accuracy and automatically generate regulatory reports. For example, PIES helped find clinical features to characterize cachexia in cancer patients, which led to the finding of 6x more undiagnosed, miscoded and at risk cachectic cancer patients with 95% accuracy, potentially saving $1 billion annually. Additionally, US based oncologists also showed how PIES helped to extract 26 features including tumour genomic testing results, demographics and social indicators from patient records with 97.3% accuracy. A global pharmaceutical also presented at Bio-IT in 2021 showing 90% savings by auto-generating clinical narratives for regulatory reports. 

These outcomes are driven through PIES combined capabilities to extract and summarize intelligence from health data in a privacy preserving manner, with significantly higher accuracy than supervised approaches as shown through high impact peer reviewed publications and validation by clinicians and researchers. The founders (Dr. Vibhor Gupta and Prof. Yike Guo) are based between San Francisco and London and have previously attracted $200 million through their academic research.


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