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Natera is committed to advancing personalized care for those diagnosed with cancer across the continuum of care.

Signatera is our tumor-informed circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) test, capable of detecting the presence of molecular residual disease (MRD). By assessing levels of ctDNA over time, Signatera can identify signals of recurrence, progression, and relapse response earlier than conventional methods. With >25 peer-reviewed publications and >70 presentations at major oncology congresses, Signatera has been clinically validated across multiple cancer types including colorectal, non-small cell lung, breast, and bladder cancers. Signatera is used in multiple on-going prospective trials, has received FDA Breakthrough Device Designation, CE mark, and Medicare coverage for certain indications, and is available to biopharmaceutical customers and clinicians globally.

Additionally, Natera has created a unique real-world clinico-genomic dataset containing whole exome sequencing (WES), longitudinal monitoring of ctDNA, and associated clinical data (e.g., diagnosis/condition, treatment, response, and outcomes). Combined with the Signatera ctDNA assay, this dataset creates unique opportunities for researchers and drug developers to optimize and accelerate drug development, with use cases spanning biomarker discovery, clinical trial design optimization and screening, characterization of patient journeys, and more.


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