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It is estimated that over 80% of all biomedical knowledge is still held in unstructured text, making it extremely difficult to access and use in analytical workflows. This huge resource of untapped knowledge is currently unavailable within public or proprietary databases as, even the most up to date manually curated databases do not cover the wealth or breadth of information stored within this text, and there is at least a 6-month lag between publication and curation. Biorelate has developed a fully automated NLP/AI platform to mine cause-and-effect data buried within biomedical literature. Galactic Data includes more than 16M cause-and-effect interactions across proteins, chemicals, cells, phenotypes and more, all within 1.4B+ contextual points for flexible disease modelling, all curated automatically. Biorelate works with pharma companies providing this valuable data through direct access to support data owners and data scientists and an easy-to-use web application for biologists, bioinformaticians, and analysts.


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