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Alithea Genomics is a global leader in sample and library prep solutions for large-scale RNA sequencing. 
Our proprietary Bulk RNA Barcoding and sequencing technology (BRB-seq) drastically simplifies the preparation of large numbers of bulk RNA-seq libraries. Thanks to BRB-seq, up-to 384 RNA samples can be pooled and processed together in one single tube from the very beginning of the workflow - i.e. as opposed to standard Illumina multiplexing which occurs only after library amplification. As compared to standard RNA-seq, for large-scale experiments BRB-seq increases the throughput 100-fold and decreases costs 10-fold. Our two flagship products, the Blood BRB-seq system and the Extraction-free Cell Lysate BRB-seq system are specifically tailored to large blood biobanks and early drug discovery efforts. With the Blood BRB-seq system, early sample multiplexing is combined with a proprietary globin depletion strategy, which ensures clean and globin-free gene expression data. On the other hand, the Extraction-free Cell Lysate BRB-seq system enables users working with 2D cell cultures and organoids to skip the RNA extraction step and directly start library prep from crude cell lysates.


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