Preclina is a non-clinical CRO specialized in autoimmune and inflammatory disorders, providing the utmost quality services for novel drug development at the optimized speed, quality and cost.

Preclina is a leading company that supports bio and pharmaceutical companies to secure new drug development competitiveness by providing the highest quality evaluation results at the fastest speed for the optimization processes of candidate compounds.

Our scientific expertise in autoimmune and inflammatory diseases has been accumulated over 20 years. Scientists in Preclina provide well-established service repertoire mostly based on therapeutic efficacy evaluation, and effectively designed support for drug development processes. We strive to satisfy our clients by providing innovative integrated modular platform of investigation that permits robust results with lightning speed.

Our preclinical services: 
 ●  In vivo efficacy pharmacology using disease models recapitulating autoimmune disorders
 ●  Cell-based assays using patient-derived cells isolated from immune diseases
 ●  Modular platform services for consistent and fastest track results 
Modules: PreCIATa, PreBILFi, PreNASHa, PrePsora, and PreEXA
 ●  Premium Platform services integrating modular platform and patient-derived cellular assays which encompasses from lead selection to candidate development, thus dramatically reducing late failure rate of drug discovery.


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