myNEO - Tumour ImmunoEngine


myNEO is a central player in the field of advanced tumour characterisation (molecular fingerprinting) and target discovery for the development of immunotherapies with novel neoantigens. Our bioinformatic data-platform uses -OMIC datasets to perform in-depth tumour profiling and comprehensive predictive & prognostic biomarker assessment of each cancer patient. This is used for improved  immunogenic target selection and patient-centric therapy designs, and increases the immunotherapy success. On top of this, the molecular fingerprinting and the integrated bioinformatic data platform improves the interpretation of preclinical and clinical datasets in cancer vaccine and cell therapy applications, and allows for better patient stratification and biomarker identification across the responder groups.

myNEO has optimized the profiling of tumours, TMEs, and associated immune cells by incorporating 2M+ datapoints into our ML algorithms. We've entered several strategic partnerships in the past year (J&J, CureVac, ...) with our immunotherapy discovery platform to bring the novel immunotherapies through development. We intend to consistently follow our strategy as Technology Alliance Partner with our clinical biopharma partners to use tumour characterisation platform to create new immunotherapies as well as assess & improve the ones already under development. Our team of data scientists, bioinformaticians and (pre-)clinical experts are firmly aligned to make a significant impact by expanding our partnership strategy.


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