Copner Biotech


Established in 2020, Copner Biotech is a biotechnology company based in Wales, with its main focus in 3D cell culture and associated technologies. What started as an initial concept of next generation 3D printing technology, has gone from strength to strength, creating an impressive portfolio of technologies, products and services to the 3D cell culture markets.
In July 2021, Copner Biotech was presented with the Global Health and Pharma International Life Sciences Award for Innovation, for their work in 3D cell culture technologies. Most notably, their method of fabrication of 3D PETG scaffolds, which has been shown to optimise cell capture and attachment whilst using low cell numbers for seeding (patent-pending).
Copner Biotech has now entered several high value research projects in the field of bioprinting, with support from Welsh Government. It’s most recent collaboration with Jellagen Ltd aims to develop a high-resolution bioprinting platform to produce bio-scaffolds and medical devices.


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