Utilising the power of LLM and Ontologies in Life Sciences: A Deep Dive into SciBite's Approach  
Join us for an insightful webinar where we explore the journey of designing AI-based chat applications, specifically tailored for the life sciences domain. We delve into the essential requirements of such applications, the role of Large Language Models (LLMs), and the importance of ontologies in enhancing accuracy and context understanding. We will discuss SciBite's strategic design decisions in integrating LLMs and ontologies into a Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) system, focusing on the establishment of a robust information retrieval system, semantic parsing of natural language questions, and explainability in answer generation.
The webinar will also highlight how SciBite's modular tools can support you in your journey, whether you're aiming to build your own application or opt for a ready-made solution. We'll explore scenarios such as enhancing a basic RAG design, improving a vector search or Knowledge Graph (KG), and building an information retrieval system with SciBite's Named Entity Recognition (NER) tool and semantic search system.
Join us to gain insights into the key benefits of such a system, including accuracy, transparency, and flexibility, and learn how SciBite's innovative approach can empower your operations in the rapidly advancing technological landscape of life sciences. likely evolution of a patient, a treatment, or a manufacturing process. But are the existing data sufficient and reliable enough?  
Harpreet Singh Riat, Director of Technical Sales, SciBite
Harpreet is the Director of Technical Sales at SciBite, a leading data-first, semantic analytics software company. With a strong background in data management and analytics, Harpreet has played a vital role in assisting numerous organizations in implementing knowledge graphs, from data preparation to visualization, to gaining insights.

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