Yugal Sikri | Chairman, Pharmaceutical Management, School of Business Management
N.M.I.M.S. | India

Yugal Sikri, Chairman, Pharmaceutical Management, School of Business Management, N.M.I.M.S.

Backed by 35+ years of rich, rewarding, impactful and diverse experience in managing products, people and overall businesses, Yugal has managed a wide variety of roles and fields encompassing Marketing and Sales on one hand and R&D/Manufacturing and General Management on the other overseeing HR, Finance, Business Development, Distribution & Logistics, Medical, Clinical & Regulatory, Strategy, Legal, IT and others. His richness of thoughts comes from his real-life experiences in diverse and global corporate settings viz MNCs of European, American and Japanese origin or home grown Indian companies successfully managing large businesses, building mega-brands, creating blockbusters and bringing in business turnarounds. Recipient of a number of distinguished awards, both global as well as country level, he has been invited to speak at a number of reputed management institutes as well as industry platforms such as CPHI, CCI, Indian Pharmaceutical Congress, OPPI,IDMA etc. He has been invited to be the member of the Steering Committee of McKinsey’s prestigious India 2020 publication and speaker at McKinsey CEO forum. He has also been the Vice-Chair of OPPI Marketing Committee and contributed to designing Industry’s Code of Marketing Practices, Marketing Excellence Awards and Sales Force Excellence initiatives. His pedigree includes education from leading universities like Delhi, IIT-BHU, Mumbai-Jamnalal Bajaj, Thunderbird and Harvard and work experiences in top global companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Warner Lambert/ParkeDavis/Pfizer, Novartis as well as leading Indian companies such as Ranbaxy and RPG. His last assignments include Region Head of India SriLanka and Nepal and Global Head of Marketing (Commercial functions) at Ranbaxy. He has been invited by NMIMS University as Chairman, Pharmaceutical Management at School of Business Management and Director, Pharmaceutical Technology Management at SPP School of Pharmacy and Technology Management.

He is currently on the Board of Directors of RPG Life Sciences as an Independent Director. Tech firm, GlobalSpace Technologies has also invited him to be an Independent Director on its Board.


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Combined Q&A

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Overcoming challenges of bringing biosimilars to market

As the pharma market in India shifts from generics to biosimilars production, more and more players are entering the biosimilars market and competition is becoming stiff. In order to overcome the competition, Pharma has to ensure that they produce the products cheaper and faster. How can they do that?
  • How can Pharma reduce the cost of production?
  • What are some cutting edge technologies presently available to help manage the cost?
  • Are there capital and infrastructure investments that can be made to save cost in the long run?

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