Ted Fjallman | CEO
Prokarium Ltd | United Kingdom

Ted Fjallman, CEO, Prokarium Ltd

Dr Ted Fjallman is CEO of Prokarium, a UK vaccine company focusing on oral vaccines against infectious diseases. He has a background in clinical research from Sahlgrenska University Hospital and in strategy consulting at Sweden’s Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences, where he coordinated Sweden’s national innovation strategy in 2010.
Prokarium's oral vaccine platform has been tested in 10 clinical trials in 471 volunteers including 101 children in the UK, US and Vietnam. The latest project is to develop a dual typhoid-paratyphoid vaccine that can be delivered orally and remain thermostable at 40 C for several weeks. Prokarium is actively seeking a partnership for the clinical development of this Enteric Fever vaccine in Asia.
Dr Fjallman is committed to improving pharmaceutical development and promoting international cooperation in a wide field of science and policy matters. He was recently recognised as a leader in Biotechnology under the Sloan Foundation funded Synthetic Biology Leadership Accelerator Program (LEAP).


Conference Day 1 @ 16:30

Prokarium’s oral and thermostable Vaxonella platform to deliver a combination typhoid-paratyphoid vaccine

  •     Combination typhoid-paratyphoid vaccine
  •     Oral and thermostable
  •     Platform widely applicable to other indications

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