Sarthak Vasudeva | V P and Head - International Business
Indian Immunological Limited | India

Sarthak Vasudeva, V P and Head - International Business, Indian Immunological Limited

Sarthak Vasudeva is working with Indian Immunologicals Limited (IIL) as VP and Head of International Business. Indian Immunologicals Limited is a subsidiary of National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) and focuses on vaccine Research & Development, Manufacturing and Sales & Marketing. “Shaping Global Healthcare by Spearheading the One Health Initiative” is the vision that drives the company, being in both the Human Health and Animal Health Vaccines space. 
Sarthak is an Engineer (Chemical) with a MBA degree in International Business. In his 18 years of experience in the pharma domain he has worked on both the small molecules and large molecule product segments. The blend of exposure to both semi developed and highly developed markets has helped him with an insight on complete spectrum of regulatory requirements; better understanding and appreciation of market structures; identifying key market drivers and structuring relevant business models, thereby giving an invaluable insight for strategic planning and business development initiatives. 
Prior to joining Indian Immunologicals Limited he has had stints in the small molecule formulations industry. These encompassed handling Sales and Marketing; Business Development, including Licensing, Tech Transfer and Contract Manufacturing; Product Sourcing; P2P Business & Alliance Development roles. 


Conference Day 1 @ 14:00

Adult Vaccination in India: an untapped market potential?

  •     Exploring strategies to create awareness for need of adult vaccinations
  •     How should we approach the education of the population?
  •     Case study: Success models from the developed world

Conference Day 1 @ 14:20

Sustainability of Vaccines Industry: Coping with pricing pressures

India is supplying more than 60% of the vaccines procured by GAVI. Vaccines in the public market are older and mass manufactured. Due to the cost of production, new vaccines are not able to enter the market. Should local vaccine manufacturers focus on ensuring cheap production of old vaccines for the public market or should they develop new vaccines for their private market instead? This session will explore differences between public & private markets, together with strategies for navigating the public market.
  • Comparing the differences between public and private market in terms of development and production cost
  • Understanding the differences in demands for both markets
  • What are some challenges that are unique to the public market? (E.g. Price pressures from GAVI, WHO)
  • Explore strategies in overcoming these challenges to achieve a sustainable model

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