Sanjay Singh | Chief Executive Officer
Gennova Biopharmaceuticals Ltd | India

Sanjay Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Gennova Biopharmaceuticals Ltd

Dr. Sanjay Singh serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Gennova Biopharmaceuticals Ltd. Dr. Singh was working with National Institute of Health, USA. Dr. Singh has been associated at Gennova since October 2006. He is a graduate in Science from the Lucknow University and a post graduate degree in Science (Biochemistry) from the Lucknow University and holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow.


Conference Day 1 @ 09:30

Boardroom panel: Creating a robust ecosystem for pharma in India

India is poised to become a top 5 global pharmaceutical hub by 2020. But in order to achieve this, there’s work to be done, to develop a successful ecosystem. Key stakeholders including the government, pharma, regulators and investors need to work closely together to build it. In this panel, we gather them to explore how, as we explore issues including:
  • How will the creation of new pharma clusters across India help enhance the ecosystem?
  • How is the Indian government playing an active role to help build up the ecosystem? (Building infrastructure, funding of incubators and accelerators, mission mode programmes)
  • Should a robust and sustainable ecosystem be centred around academic institutes to increase collaboration?
  • What are some existing models which India can emulate? (Boston,SF Bay area, Singapore, BioValley)
  • Is achieving that too idealistic? How far is India from achieving that?

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