Ravindra Patel | CEO & Founder
OmniBRx Biotechnologies Pvt ltd. | India

Ravindra Patel, CEO & Founder, OmniBRx Biotechnologies Pvt ltd.

Having worked on almost every technology in the field of bioprocessing for more than 7 years, the Promoter has invented Dynamic Bed Reactor technology, with an aim to achieve greater heights in the field of bioprocessing. The core team of the business is highly skilled and experienced in the fields of biotechnology and bioprocessing. For smooth operation of business, straight from manufacturing to customer support, he has planned and made appropriate arrangements for human resource requirement.

Mr. Ravindra Patel has enriched experience in cell culture techniques and bioprocess development: adherent & suspension cultures and culture in disposable devices & stirred bioreactors. He is well-versed in operations and troubleshooting of various bioreactor systems. 

His key skills include in-house cell culture media development, Process validation, Risk analysis (for process and equipments), Equipment qualification, GMP documentation etc. His core competencies include Cell culture Media Development, Process Development & Process optimization, Design of media and feed screening experiments using DOE tools (JMP 11.0), Bioreactor operating parameter optimization, Process Scale up, characterization and validation, Process technology transfer (TTD) and cGMP manufacturing, implementation of forward technologies, etc. 

Apart from management team, he also employed a team of engineers skilled in variety of product developmental aspects. Including Instrumentation engineer, Design engineer, Electrical and mechanical engineers the team at OmniBRx is able to meet the highly customized process requirements of the clients.


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