Paul Howley | Interim Chief Executive Officer & Chief Scientific Officer
Sementis | Australia

Paul Howley, Interim Chief Executive Officer & Chief Scientific Officer, Sementis

Dr Paul Howley has experience and expertise in vaccine design and development of vaccines from concept to clinical trials. Scientific background has been in the field of molecular virology, specialising in viral vectors systems and vaccinology. Inventor of the company's SCV platform vaccine delivery technology and of a number of vaccines in development. Directs and manages the vaccine development programs for Sementis, utilising extensive knowledge, experience and networks in the areas of antigen design and discovery, proof of concept studies in animal models, GLP preclinical and toxicology studies, process development and cGMP manufacturing, regulatory affairs and cGCP first in man studies concerning live viral vectored vaccines.


Conference Day 1 @ 15:50

Case Study: Novel platform vector and CHO cell substrate technology

  •     Development of a novel vaccine delivery vehicle derived from vaccinia virus called SCV
  •     The cell substrate for the production of SCV is a genetically engineered CHO suspension cell line
  •     SCV has been used to develop protective vaccines for chikungunya and zika virus infection

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