Nusrat Jahan M. Sanghamitra | CEO and Founder
CyCa OncoSolutions | India

Nusrat Jahan M. Sanghamitra, CEO and Founder, CyCa OncoSolutions

An Indian innovator, best described as a scientist, entrepreneur and motivator, Nusrat is committed to make a difference in people's life by her scientific and personal endeavors. 

She started her research journey with a mission 'to find a better anticancer drug with fewer side effects'. She is a chemist by training with a fascination for biology. Her research has been well cited. After actively pursuing research at the institutes of International repute, she founded CyCa OncoSolutions to translate her ideas and research (at the interface of chemistry, biomaterials, cell biology and its applications in anticancer drug development) from bench to bedside, to make an impact in oncology and to make significant contribution to the global fight against cancer. Currently CyCa OncoSolutions is being accelerated at RebelBio accelerator programme run by SOSV, Cork, Ireland.

Her long term vision and dream is to establish a center as an one spot solution for cancer in her native place in Odisha, India and make high quality cancer therapy and care affordable by following a 'patient-centric' healthcare model. 

When she is not doing research, she actively pursues to propagate three of her core beliefs: i) every human being deserves to be loved and cared for ii) education is the birthright of every child iii) no one deserves to sleep hungry.  


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