Nainesh Katagihallimath | Director, Biosciences
Bugworks Research India Private Ltd | India

Nainesh Katagihallimath, Director, Biosciences, Bugworks Research India Private Ltd

I have been responsible in setting up the lab at Bugworks and lead a team that focuses on identifying and characterizing targets of novel anti-bacterial agents. I lead the group for a various of biological assays that employs biochemical and microbiological techniques such as protein purification, enzyme assays, protein crystallization and screening using gene knockout or over-expression libraries. I have developed a novel strategy to identify mechanisms of action of novel anti-bacterial agents that involves obtaining a phenotypic profile of an E. coli non-essential gene knockout library against the molecule of interest followed by analysis of this profile using a genome scale Computational-Microbial Analysis Platform to decipher the target. I have extensive experience in handling Class 1, 2 and 3 bacteria, & clinical strain collections of various pathogenic bacteria for understanding bacterial physiology as well as for utilization in drug discovery cascades. Recently, my team has identified the mechanisms of two novel chemical series that act via the bacterial nitro-reductases or gyrase. The compounds were also evaluated for their 'efflux liability' using a collection of efflux pump knockout strains, differential scanning fluorimetry and Nile red efflux assays that help in establishing a QSAR to evade efflux. The methodologies evolved have not only been successfully used in projects focusing on infection but also in green chemistry and biofuels.  Prior to my engagement with Bugworks, I led the laboratory research at the Infection Business Unit of Cellworks Research India. I received the Ph.D. degree from the the University of Hamburg, Germany and post-doctoral training at the University of Konstanz, Germany in the area of neuronal development and regeneration.


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