Kumar Gaurav | Assistant General Manager of Vaccines and Biosimilars of Research and Development
Panacea Biotec | India

Kumar Gaurav, Assistant General Manager of Vaccines and Biosimilars of Research and Development, Panacea Biotec

Mr. Kumar Gaurav is the Assistant General Manager of Panacea Biotec. He has a rich experience of more than 13 years in early stage Process Development and its Scale-up, Technology Transfer, Manufacturing Operations as well as Licensing and Commercialization of Vaccines and Biosimilars. He is an experienced Downstream Processing (DSP) Professional and also leads Conjugation Technology Development which includes planning, designing and execution of purification process of biologics including Conjugated Polysaccharides, Proteins and Viral Antigens. He led the development and technology exchange of a high yielding and scalable process for Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine. He also played a key role in the process development and successful technology transfer of Haemophilus influenzae type b conjugate vaccine resulting in to its commercial launch and as a part of Pentavalent vaccine.


Conference Day 1 @ 16:10

Determining optimum conditions for scaling down models in downstream processing

  •     Making sure scaled down hardware is able to control and calibrate perimeters precisely and accurately
  •     Ensuring operational equivalence with all operational perimeters run at center of optimum range using large scale
  •     Understanding the importance of model qualification to pre determine acceptance criteria for scale down

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