Janani Kanakaraj | Associate Scientific Manager
Biocon Limited | India

Janani Kanakaraj, Associate Scientific Manager, Biocon Limited

Janani has been a part of the Upstream Biologics divisions (mAbs) of Biocon for over 9 years and has immense experience in developing and scaling-up upstream processes in the novel and Biosimilar space. Janani with her immense scientific and technical expertise leads a team of scientists and engineers focussed on early & late stage process development and analytical method development. Her current interests are in development of next generation continuous process at lab and pilot scale. During her tenure at Biocon, she has played a vital role in supporting the successful launch of CANMAb™ and ALZUMAb™.  Janani holds a master’s degree in Biotechnology from VIT University, Vellore.


Conference Day 1 @ 15:30

Best practices in scale up and technology transfer

  •     Creating the considerations for smooth scale up and technology transfer
  •     Analysing the new technologies available
  •     Case Study: Practical challenges in scaling up a Biosimilar process 

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