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Lisaline is a leading company, which is providing solutions in cold chain monitoring of temperature sensitive products. During the lifecycle of the product, i.e. from manufacturing, storage, transportation, till consumption/use, the product undergoes many hands off. An exposure of the product during the lifecycle to temperature/relative humidity above or below the limits, will affect the product quality.

Lisaline brings to you the expertise in monitoring parameters such as temperature, humidity, throughout the lifecycle during storage and transportation conditions.

With 20 years of expertise in this field of cold chain, Lisaline has exclusive association with companies form USA, Europe, Japan, and provides its customers the following solutions:
  • Product Monitoring
  • Facility Monitoring
  • Shipment Monitoring
  • Standalone Monitoring
    • Irreversible Temperature Indictors
    • Wireless real time dataloggers for single, multi locations
    • Single and Multiple use PDF dataloggers
    • GSM & Blue tooth based dataloggers
  • Active Cooling
  • Passive Cooling
    • Cooling boxes with 12V DC supply with FPSC cooling system
    • Cold Chain bags and boxes with passive cooling
  • Sample Management Software
    • RFID / Bar code based inventory and sample management system
Lisaline has ISO 17025 certified calibration laboratory accredited by NABL. Lisaline offers
following technical services for the valued customers
  • Calibration Services for range of sensors
    • In lab calibration
    • On Site Calibration
  • Mapping Services
    • On site mapping of Cold Rooms, freezer rooms and cold chain equipments.
  • Validation Services
    • Validation of cold chain shipping containers
In addition Lisaline is pleased to offer the services for testing of temperature monitoring
electronic & chemical devices (EN006) at their PQS testing facility approved by World Health Organization.
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