BioData World West: Pre-Conferece Workshop


We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking new partnership with NASA,  the National Cancer Institute,  and the American Heart Association.  BioData World West will be presenting an exclusive pre-conference workshop at the NASA Ames Research center.

Biologists are joining the big-data club. With the advent of high-throughput genomics, scientists are starting to grapple with massive data sets, and  encountering challenges with handling, processing and moving information. Funcitons that were once the domain of astronomers and high-energy physicists. 
Our workshop sessions will be centerred aroud the pursuit of innovation, the discovery of new data sources, and new methods of collaboration.
Full agenda and session information to come.

Why attend?

Learn about new tools:

  • Learn with hands on experience how to make the best use of tools developed out of the NCI, NASA, AHA, Google and others

Develop partnerships:

  • Network and gain insights into other unfamiliar workstreams and research that could accelerate your company to the next level

Be a part of the conversation:

  • Have your input in the development of new policy and data democratisation

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