World Aviation Festival Workshops


4th October – 12:00


PROS workshop at World Aviation Festival

Place your bets: Prioritizing offer management


Airlines are at a crossroad. Legacy infrastructure that prioritizes order management is holding back smart offer optimization and retailing capabilities.

The time is now to make the switch to modernize and accelerate revenue growth. Can you envision a future where you increase market share by 15+%? RASK by 10+%? Reduce group and corporate sales quoting times by 70+%? Forward-thinking airlines, from start-ups and LCCs to Network carriers, are achieving these results today by prioritizing performance-driven offer optimization, creation, management, and marketing technologies. Join this workshop to discuss the challenges and solutions that exist today to unshackle airlines from the constraints of order management legacy infrastructure and strive for a different vision, one with outcomes you aren’t considering today. It’s time to place your bets on offer optimization. ​

Surain Adyanthaya at World Aviation Festival

Surain Adyanthaya,  President, Travel, PROS

Seth Cassel at World Aviation Festival

Seth Cassel, President, EveryMundo

Srikanth Ranganathan, at World Aviation Festival

Srikanth Ranganathan, SeniorVice President,PROS, Inc.

Justin Jander at World Aviation Festival

Justin Jander, Director of Product Management, PROS, Inc.


5th October – 10:30


Mastercard workshop at World Aviation Festival

Mastercard Workshop - Travel Insights for Impactful Innovation: Setting You Up for Success


Understand the impacts of supply chain challenges, detail of expected labour shortages and when to expect stabilization. Plus hear about the rising cost of travel and its impact on travellers to help you identify opportunity for you business.​


Natalia speaking at the World Aviation Festival, Mastercard

Natalia Lechmanova
Senior Economist

Emilie Kroner at World Aviation Festival

Emilie Kroner
SVP Retail and Commerce


6th October – 10:30


777 Travel at World Aviation Festival



What new technologies are supporting passenger trends and how can you leverage them to create additional revenue? What should you consider to future proof your airline tech stack? Are you ready to adopt new technologies and take back ownership of your tech stack?


Rachael Smith
Chief Commercial Officer
777 Travel

Meir Hadassi-Turner
Chief Revenue Officer
777 Travel


6th October – 13:00


Schiphol workshop at World Aviation Festival

Gaining through Disorder: Towards Pandemic Antifragility in Airports


COVID-19 demonstrated the aviation sector’s fragilit: new health safety regulations resulted in severe chaos. Airport operation's inability to scale up and down posed the question: how can we as an airport make these situations manageable?

The Schiphol Group Innovation Hub has been on the forefront of exploring how the aviation sector and airports in particular can become ‘resilient’ to these events. From exploring innovative testing and detection methods to benchmarking ‘health passes’. And from investigating anti-bacterial materials to touchless interfaces. We bundled our findings and present these in an ‘antifragile airport manifesto’. Additionally we present our solution directions and envisioned experiments aimed to contribute to learning how airports can gain through unexpected disorder and chaos. As a group we will openly discuss what we (partners, passengers, ..) in the ecosystem can do to be better prepared when a next series of similar event occur.

Alexander Nieuwborg at World Aviation Festival

Alexander Nieuwborg
PhD Schiphol Group
Delft University of Technology

Jan Zekveld at World Aviation Festival

Jan Zekveld
Innovation Lead
Schiphol Group


6th October – 13:30


IATA workshop: Passenger CO2 Data



Rune Hansen
Manager of Environment and Sustainability
International Air Transport Association

Nathalie Matellini, Senior Product Manager CO2 Data Solutions, IATA
Senior Product Manager CO2 Data Solutions


6th October – 13:45


SkyTeam Workshop: How to balance being unique and IT cost efficient


Digital transformation is a fantastic opportunity for airlines to differentiate themselves by offering a personalized, unique experience. Mutualization within partnerships like alliances can generate tremendous value; so where is the cursor and has COVID moved it? ​


Jean-Baptiste Rivat
Director Product Strategy