Zero Petroleum

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Zero Petroleum is a manufacturer of 100% fossil-free petroleum-based products – petrol (gasoline), diesel and jet fuel – for a wide range of industries, including aviation. The company’s products are made using water, atmospheric carbon dioxide and renewable energy. Zero Petroleum calls this process petrosynthesis. 

 Synthetic fuels, which can be made at scale without the land-use and scaling limitations of bio- and waste-based systems, can be dropped straight into the existing engines of cars, aircraft, commercial and agricultural vehicles, allowing them to run sustainably in exactly the same way and with the same performance as they do on fossil fuels, without the need for any engine modification.

Synthetic fuels eliminate greenhouse gas accumulation through the creation of a circular carbon cycle, and so eliminate the need for fossil fuels in global industries such as aviation. Petrosynthesis is the answer to the problem faced by industries that cannot be electrified – it provides a total substitute for fossil fuel and ultimately all types of fossil petroleum used in the petrochemical industry for the wide range of materials that are essential to modern life.