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Verint solves the widening chasm between your existing budget and people resources versus the need to service escalating growth and complexity of customer interactions across numerous channels. Almost 10,000 organisations across the globe, including some of the most admired airlines, use Verint technology to:

*Deliver exceptional conversational experiences through personalized conversations, smart automation and AI across messaging channels.

*Deliver up-to-the-minute, accurate information to customers - whether they are self-serving or speaking to a customer agent.

*Merge insights from contact centre, chat, online feedback, surveys and digital behaviour into a single, unified view to empower CX teams to make tactical and strategic actions that improve loyalty and conversion.

*Remove silos and transform the back office to drive the very best customer experience across the entire booking cycle – including refund processes

With a number of cost-effective, scalable, cloud-based engagement solutions (which can either be chosen individually or connected together) Verint is THE customer engagement technology company.