Theatlas Pte. Ltd.

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Atlas is the new travel technology start-up, set up to improve choice and
accessibility of travel.
Headquartered in Singapore with our team already positioned worldwide, we
believe travel can change the world and we are on a mission to change the
world of travel. Atlas is the source of accessible, low-cost travel, both to and
from all points of the globe.
With our Air Travel Retailing and Information Platform (ATRIP), we support travel
professionals to deliver more for their customers and the planet. ATRIP
aggregates vital data, insights and processes – for comparing fares and
ancillaries; organising itineraries, reservations or rearrangements; and other
travel-related requirements – so travel agents can make more personalized,
informed decisions for their customers, faster and more affordably.
Through 2021, we added over a hundred low cost airlines to our platform
bringing better travel booking experiences to travel businesses and their
clients, while facilitating more choice and affordability of travel for everyone.
But, we’re just getting started. Our product and technology teams are cutting
edge, building the fastest travel search response time in the industry with the
best travel content and supported by a world-class end-to-end customer
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